John Stein

john steinOffice:  Vice-President
Years on Board:  7
Term Expires: 10/2017


Past/Present Business & Community Affiliations:

Executive director of the Sitka Sound Science Center, John Stein retired in 2008 from a career in local government and non-profits. With an Associate Degree in Industrial Engineering in 1967 he began as an engineering aide on the 737 aircraft at Boeing’s Plant 2 in Seattle. He worked as a meter reader and then general manager of the water system serving neighboring Bellevue.  He returned to Sitka in 1973 as engineering aide for Alaska Lumber and Pulp Co. and later worked with Rocky Gutierrez as tax assessor for Sitka. He returned to school in 1984 at U.O., Eugene  for his BS in Public Management then worked as planner for the City of Wasilla, Matanuska-Susutna Borough and as Mayor of Wasilla. Leaving the mayor’s job to Sara Palin in 1996, John took on Kids are People, Inc. a youth services non-profit before coming to Sitka in 2005 as Municipal Administrator. John was married to Sandee Snow and Karen Marie (d) and has four children, Reber, Morgan, Peter, Jackson and three grandchildren. His interests aside from history are boating, politics and photography.


SHS Committee(s):  Board Development, Finance, Fund Development