Sitka History Minute

SitHistMin_logoThe Sitka Historical Society works with KCAW Raven Radio 104.7 FM to produce Sitka History Minutes.  Written by Society Executive Director Hal Spackman, Museum Curator Kristy Griffin, and Collections Fellow Caitlin Rogers, these short weekly programs highlight the intriguing people, events, and stories in the history of Sitka.   Tune in on Thursday mornings around 8:30 am after The Writer’s Almanac to hear the latest episode.  If you’ve missed any episodes, you can find all right here!


The Sitka Historical Society wishes to acknowledge Historian Robert N. DeArmond, whose work has made many Sitka History Minutes possible.  

Episode 1:  Alaskans and Their Dogs

Episode 2:  The Cows of Iris Meadows

Episode 3:  Dorothy Brownie Thompson

Episode 4:  Jack Calvin

Episode 5:  Ben Forbes

Episode 6:  Fred Bahovec

Episode 7:  The Ice of Swan Lake

Episode 8:  Sirstad and the Goats

Episode 9:  Sitka Pulp Mill

Episode 10:  Andrew P. Johnson

Episode 11:  Sitka and the Potato

Episode 12:  Pyramid Packing Company

Episode 13:  Russian Food

Episode 14:  Prinsendam

Episode 15:  The Russian Seamstress

Episode 16:  Captain Mike Healy

Episode 17:  National Cemetery

Episode 18 Special Edition: Raven Radio Sign-on

Episode 19:  Governor Brady

Episode 20:  Jail and Baseball

Episode 21:  Drugstore Brewery

Episode 22:  Archie VanWinkle

Episode 23:  China Mary

Episode 24:  Ted Kettleson

Episode 25:  First Dentist

Episode 26:  Christmas

Episode 27:  Avalanche

Episode 28:  Sitka Bands

Episode 29:  Fastest Man

Episode 30:  Shore Boats

Episode 31:  Redoubt

Episode 32:  Sitka 1920

Episode 33:  The Miracle of Biorka Island

Episode 34:  Helena

Episode 35:  Vi Davis

Episode 36:  Elisabeth Von Wrangell

Episode 37:  Paulina Cohen

Episode 38:  The First Bike

Episode 40:  Trade Sacks and Tobacco

Episode 41:  Goddard Hot Springs

Episode 42:  Alaska Sale (1 of 2)

Episode 43:  Alaska Sale (2 of 2)

Episode 44:  Sitka’s Only Hanging

Episode 45:  Sawmill Creek

Episode 46:  Princess Maria Maksutova

Episode 49:  Fins

Episode 50:  Cannery #1

Episode 51:  Cannery #2

Episode 52:  Cannery #3

Episode 53:  Cannery #4

Episode 54: Alaska’s First Mining Engineer 

Episode 55: Sitka’s First Movie

Episode 56: Lady Franklin

Episode 57: Sitka Health Summit

Episode 58: The Woman in Blue

Episode 59: Walter Sobeleff 

Episode 60: Sitka’s First Editor

Episode 61: Millmore Hotel

Episode 62: Warren G. Harding’s Visit

Episode 63: Saint Innocent

Episode 64: Jamestown

Episode 65: Billy Basin Pt. 1

Episode 66: Billy Basin Pt. 2

Episode 67: AK Power Struggle