Here Comes the Bride

Nadja Bahrt dress1

Dress worn by Nadja Rose for her 1905 wedding at St. Michael’s Cathedral, 2006.1.1 and 2006.1.2

In March of 1905, Miss Nadja Henrietta Bahrt married Sergeant Luther Irving Rose at St. Michael’s Cathedral in Sitka.  At the time of her wedding, Nadja’s family had already lived in Sitka for nearly 50 years, her grandfather, John Kaznakoff, having traveled to Sitka in 1856 as a tailor  employed by the Russian American Company.

Before Nadja married Luther at St. Michael’s, she was engaged to a sailor.  One morning, as he was about to set sail on a trip, she made her way down to the docks to see him off.  But, she saw her fiancé conversing with a sporting lady, a woman of ill repute.  Cool as a cucumber, she did not even approach him.  She just let him sail, and when he returned…she had already married Luther!

It seems that Nadja made the right decision that day, standing on the dock in Sitka.   For surrounded by friends and family on her sixty-second wedding anniversary, she exclaimed, “Sixty-two years of marriage doesn’t seem so long.”

Nadja and Luther

Photo taken of Luther and Nadja Rose when interviewed by a journalist for their 62nd wedding anniversary.

By: Kristy Kay Griffin, Curator of Collections & Exhibits
Date: April 2016