Collections Up-close and Personal: Spruce Root Baskets. Saturday, February 23, 1-2 pm, Sitka History Museum gallery

Join Tlingit master artists Jennie Wheeler and Mary Goddard to discuss art of spruce root weaving and take a close look at the Sitka Historical Society’s collection of spruce root basket. This program is offered in conjunction with the Sitka Fine Arts Camp Community Cultural workshop on spruce root weaving taught by Jennie Wheeler. Master artist Jennie Wheeler began her craft at the young age of ten. Her mother taught her the Tlingit art of sewing moccasins in their southeast Alaskan home of Yakutat. They had limited sewing supplies back then, and Jennie recalls sharpening two tiny rusty sewing needles. This has caused her to be very resourceful in gathering of materials and very efficient with her skill. Jennie has devoted much of her life preserving Tlingit culture through her art, while adding her own contemporary features. Jennie continues the legacy passed on by her mother from her grandmother by teaching the craft