Shipbuilding on the Thames, Thomas Whitcombe, 1792, oil on canvas, National Maritime Museum, Greenwich, London, BHC1868

A scene on south bank of the Thames at Rotherhithe. Some of the structures on the right are part of the shipyard belonging to Peter Everitt Mestaer, where the Themes (later renamed the Neva) was built. Peter Everitt Mestaer (b.1763) was a prominent shipwright during the late 18th and early 19th centuries. Many of Mestaer’s ships were destined for East India Company service. He was also frequently commissioned by the British Navy. Records in the London Metropolitan Archives indicate that he was a wealthy man with numerous real estate holdings in the Rotherhithe district, including a pub near his King and Queen Docks. He was involved with local politics, and was the intended victim of an unsuccessful murder plot according to period newspaper accounts.