Sitka’s Attic Antique Show

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Apr/Sat/2016 6:00 PM - 9:30 PM
330 Seward Street, Sitka, AK, United States
Address: 330 Seward Street, Sitka, AK, United States


What antiques are in your attic? 

The Sitka History Museum is offering you a venue to explore the untapped treasures locked away in Sitka’s attics. Don’t miss this evening of history, antiques & fun!  Event includes free admission and a no host bar.

Do you have an interesting antique that you would like to share?

If you have an object which fits within one of the themes below, please call a theme coordinator or The Sitka History Museum (747-6455) to explore its inclusion in the show!

  • Toys—Jan Love
  • Kitchen/Pantry—Barb DeLong
  • Commercial fishing—Eric Jordan
  • Politics/Campaigns—Bill Foster
  • Alaskana Art—Ernestine Massey
  • Sitka/Mt. E Sports—Lesa Way
  • Schools—Susan Brown
  • Tools—John DeLong
  • Military—Scott Saline
  • Cultural—Patricia Alexander
  • Medical/Dental—Trish White
  • Pulp Mill—John Stein
  • Just Cool Old Things—Hal Spackman

Phone The Sitka History Museum 907-747-6455 for more information or to offer an object for display.