Spirit Boxes

Sculpted by West Coast artist Thomas McPhee, these exquisite boxes are made from crushed marble and organic resin.  The undergo multiple polishing and highlighting steps to develop the uniquely rich and warm finish.


Raven Spirit Box

The Raven is the creator of the world and symbolizes prestige and knowledge

Price $98.00, plus S&H

spirit-box-killer-whaleOrca Spirit Box

The Killer Whale is a symbol of long life.  It is believed that great chiefs turn into killer whales when they pass on into the nether world, illustrating the close link between man and Whale.

Price $110.00, plus S&H

spirit-box-sealSeal Spirit Box

The Seal teaches us the need for lightheartedness and to enjoy the world around us.

Price $98.00, plus S&H


Bear and Frog Spirit Box

Price $98.00, plus S&H

Please call (907) 738-3766 to order.