Strategic Plan

Sitka Historical Society and Museum Inc.

Mission: To preserve and promote the events, stories and artifacts of the human history of Sitka, as part of the Pacific Northwest coast of North America, to inspire, educate and benefit the public and future generations.

Core Values

Accessibility ~ Advocacy ~ Public Service ~ Stewardship of Public Trust ~ Collaboration~ Cultural Sensitivity

Envisioned Future

To create a model of excellence for community-driven celebration of local history by working together to tell Sitka’s varied and unique stories using materials not only owned, but also borrowed and fabricated.

Long-Term Strategic Direction 2015-2020

  • Offer excellent programming
  • Grow and sustain operating and financial capacity
  • Furnish and equip new museum building

Strategic Plan

 Goals and Objectives:                                                                                                                     

Program: Preserve and promote our history

  1. Develop engaging outreach programs and activities
  2. Continue to expand community awareness and involvement
  3. Maintain and encourage collaboration and partnerships within and outside Sitka
  4. Maintain an active and extensive connection with others in the museum field
  5. Continue to build a volunteer program

Fund Development: Secure reliable funding that supports the Society and Museum’s future

  1. As needed, review and update The Fund Development Plan
  2. Plan and implement a capital campaign for outfitting the new Museum
  3. Continue the Annual Fund Drive
  4. Apply for grants to strengthen program
  5. Increase donations and partnerships

 Preservation: Collections Management and Curatorial Duties

  1. Acquire, document and preserve artifacts
  2. Maintain a strong curatorial position
  3. Increase research activity within the museum
  4. Assist to secure collections storage space during construction of new museum

 New Museum Acquisition:

  1. Create a permanent and temporary quality exhibits design
  2. Provide equipment and supplies for storage of the collection
  3. Provide furnishings in new museum for staff, volunteers, and research work areas
  4. Transition Museum Store to new Museum

Membership: Recognize the value of each member to our organization while keeping memberships current.

  1. Maintain and update membership records
  2. Increase membership by 10%

Operations: Support, maintain and increase professional staff while providing them with competitive compensation.

  1. Develop a staffing plan based on needs, priorities and funding


History of Collaboration and Partnerships (including but not limited to):

City & Borough of Sitka

National Science Foundation

National Forest Service

National Park Service

Alaska Department of Fish & Game

Rasumson Foundation

Museums Alaska Association

Alaska State Library

Alaska State Museums

State Council for the Arts

U.S. Coast Guard

University of Alaska SE

Alaska Airlines

Holland America Line

Hames Corporation

Silver Bay Seafoods

Shee Atika Inc.

Sitka Tribe of Alaska

Sitka Tribal Enterprises

Alaska Native Brotherhood / Alaska Native Sisterhood

Alaska Native Elders

Sitka Historical Preservation Commission

Greater Sitka Arts Council

Sitka Sound Science Center

Sitka Fine Arts Camp

Fisherman’s Eye Gallery

Sitka Artists & Art Galleries

John and Sharyn Ferrick Productions

Sitka Daily Sentinel

Raven Radio

KIFW Radio

Alaska Day Committee

Sitka Sportsmen’s Association

Sitka Woman’s Club

Pioneers of Alaska

Sitka Trail Works

Community Advisory Committees, i.e. 150th Anniversary

Seafood Producers Cooperative

Sitka Fishing Community

Harry’s Photo

Homeport Eatery

Local Merchants

Local Banks

Sitka School District/MEHS/Pacific High

Local Libraries

Maritime Historical Society

Ft. Ross Historical Society

Kodiak Historical Society

Cape Decision Lighthouse Society